Family Game Night

What does Family Game Night mean to me?

Family Game Night is an opportunity to have fun with each other while playing board games, card games or video games together. There is no set schedule to follow and no one has to wake up early for work or school. It is a night of fun with no worries.

Family game night defines fun; also, it means playing new or familiar games as a family, eating vegan grilled Queso with chips (my husband’s recipe) or even barbeque.

Family game night is a time to be silly, happy, carefree and spend time together. Spending time together is very important.

Family game night creates an opportunity to introduce games from our childhood.

For example, UNO, Spades, and Dominoes. This past Labor Day weekend, my husband

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My Vegan Journey

I am two years into my vegan journey, and I love it. I decided to explore this lifestyle for my health. I was diagnosed with arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and hypertension. As a result, I was always in pain, tired, and I suffered with constipation.

My husband mentioned the idea to change my diet and remove meat.

I first struggled, but I experienced a huge change in my energy level and my body. I have lost over twenty pounds since I begin my journey.

If I had a time machine to travel to this time, I would not believe my lifestyle transformation.  I made the change from being a carnivore to

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Preparing for the 2020-2021 School Year

If you have begun your 2020-2021 school year, I hope that it is off to a great start. I have not begun my 2020-2021 school year, I am in the purchasing curriculum and planning process stages.

This year, I decided to continue with combining my sons’ history and science. In other words, I use one curriculum for history to teach both of my sons’.

Also, I use one science curriculum to teach both them. I started this about two years ago. My sons love it!!!

I like it too because it saves me money on having to purchase an individual science and history curriculum for both of them.

Since both of my sons use the same science and history curriculum, I have to purchase one additional book

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The Flexible Homeschooler

Hi there!

I hope you are staying safe during this pandemic.


2020 has begun with a unique start from how our kids participate in sports and other activities to how we enter and exit stores. Our lives have changed during the pandemic.

As homeschool families, we are use to

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