2018-2019 ‘Proposed’ Classes for STEAM Co-op of the Upstate

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Available Classes:
Baby – 2 year

3 yrs to 4 yrs

Choose classes among the follow for each grade level. A total of 3 classes will be chosen. ONE CLASS PER SESSION. There will be THREE SESSIONS. The actual class placements per session has NOT been determined yet.

***K-2nd graders will have TWO classes each session. They will not have to choose their classes. They will be ‘set’ for them.


K-2nd grade students (2 classes a session…..there are 3 sessions)

*Handbells 30 min and Bible 30 min. (semester supply fee)

*Creative Art 30 min (semester supply fee) and Literature/Engineering weekly rotation 30 min.

*PE 30 min and Geography 30 min. (semester supply fee)


3rd-6th grade students

Financial Budgeting

Wacky Experiments (semester supply fee)

Food, Foodies and Wellness (semester supply fee)

Basic Computer Program (monthly supply fee)

Choir/Music Theory/Music History

Bible and Calligraphy (semester supply fee)

Creative Art (supply fee)

Gardening/Culinary Arts

Beginners Spanish

Creative Writing with IEW


7th-12 grade (Most courses will provide a credit weight)

Cash flow and Personal Finance

Art and Its effects in Government and Literature

Choir/Music Theory/Music History

Untold Stories of History

Math Olympiad


Apologetics/Rhetoric studies

Engineering (maybe construct a 3D printer, short circuits….tbd)

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