UCHU STEAM Academy is opening registration for 7th-12th grade classes for NEW students.

UCHU Open Registration 2017
While we definitely would like to increase our 7th-12th grade class some space is available for lower levels who are SIBLINGS of 7th-12th grade students.

Here is a list of our proposed classes.

If you have a gifting or love for one of the classes with a question mark beside it THEN first priority consideration for the Academy no matter your student’s age may be a determining factor for acceptance into the Academy. 🙂

$50 a semester for families of 3 children or less
$90 a semester for families of 4 children or more

Uniform community

Academy provides classes from Baby to 12th grade

Most high school level classes are credit weighted

Interviews of all families are conducted prior to Academy entry approval.

We are a multi-cultural, cultural diverse Academy.

Also, we welcome homeschool students with special needs. As space is available and Classroom guides available to assist then we will admit students with special needs into our Special Buddies program.
There is a statement of faith you must read and understand the grounds of faith the Academy as a whole agree to. You can read this on the website at www.UCHUnlimited.com under UCHU STEAM Academy

If you are on the list for registration for the fall for students in lower level classes and I’ve spoken with you THEN no worries. I have you on the list. 🙂

Contact me with questions:
Angela Perry 864.300.2236

Serving Your and Yours,

Angela Jordan Perry

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