Today I remembered something that I use to do all the time with my oldest son to help motivate him to get his school work complete during his elementary years of homeschooling.

I’m not sure if you can identify with this. But I have a couple children who often like to play the “I don’t know game.”


I tell these two children specifically that it isn’t cute to act as if they don’t know when I know they really do know the information in which I am inquiring from them.

My homeschooling time with my five year old started off just like this TODAY. Again.

Now…..he knows EVERY LETTER and EVERY SOUND of each letter since he was FOUR years old!

For whatever reason since I’ve pulled out *for real school books* he wants to act like he don’t know NOTHING!!


Well…..this old homeschooling Mom. Not old in age!! But veteran in homeschooling…..I might clarify.

Showed him a thing or two. Ha!! All of sudden the GENIUS came of out this little ‘faker.’ And I had him spitting out answers left and right as if he was Einstein.

Me: “I’m going to trick you. Just watch. I bet you DON’T. EVEN. KNOW. THIS. NUMBER.”

Benjamin: I bet I do.

Me: Hhmmpph! I bet not. I’m going to trick you. Anddddd….. if you get it wrong I get a point.

( What? A Game!)

He was not about to allow me to win!!

And if he got it wrong…….I’d scream, “I won! I told you. I told you. I tricked you.”

OMGeeee!!! You’d think we were playing for money.

Well…..I eventually raised the stakes after I rememberd that I  HAD ONE piece of dark 70% CoaCoa chocolate in my purse.

I brought that out and that was it!!!

“Einstein” walked over to our kitchen table and had a seat.

I had him now!!! Hahaha <evil laugh>

We played this game through:  Letters and Sounds, Numbers, Cursive Writing, Readiness Skills for Reading, Phonics Chart.

I had so much fun!!!

Well…..I mean, “We” had so much fun.

What appeared to have been starting off as a challenging time of, “Come on Benjamin. You know the sound of “t.”

Turned in to him trying to quickly blurt out the answer before I even asked the question.

And he was right!!!

I won a few times as he was working on cursive.

I split the chocolate into four pieces. He won TWO squares. and I won TWO squares.. too. 🙂

That little booger tried to tell me that I only won ONE square.

“Are you kidding kid?”

Next time you are about to school your littles….. try the,

“I betcha I can trick you.” or “I betcha I will win.” Game.

They will not know what came over school time. 🙂


Serving You and Yours,

Angela Jordan Perry, UCHU-AA Owner/Director/Administrator

Angela along with her husband Tyrone are the proud parents of EIGHT children Four she birthed from her womb and four she birthed from the womb of her heart. They make their home in Campobello where they live on Shine Bright Farm while having school at Shine Bright Christian Academy.  With 16 years under their “homeschooling belt” and 13 more years to go……they have to continually finds ways to make home educating fun, engaging and memorable.


2 thoughts on “Monday’s Message:”I’m going to trick you.” “I ‘betcha’ I win.”

  1. Thanks for the reminder of this game. I use to use it with my now 22 yr old (who never seemed to buy into that game) I think it is time to start using it with my 10 and 12 yr olds.

    Martina Bump

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Day #2 started again with this game. But he started it this time. He won 22 to 14 points. We cover 5 subjects. He was so proud of himself. I don’t keep strict numbers of the points. I give myself a point if he write a letter incorrectly in his name or say the wrong sound for something. He is determined to win which means he is on his P’s and Q’s continually. Loving it. 🙂
      Let me know how it goes for you.


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