I’m sure today’s post will hit home for the majority of us!

We are Moms in action. Getting it done. With a list LOADED with a ton of things that need to get done.

It appears that the LIST is continually getting longer even as we *mark-off* an item.

What joys of being a Mom (sarcasm)

With eight children I have learned so well over the past three years, since we added our last three children to our families via adoption, that IT will NEVER all get done!

It just will not.

So………….since this is the case I may as well slow down and enjoy the moments that I have with my children and husband as much as I can.

The list will never get shorter.

But they will continue to grow up and go on with their lives.

I pray today’s post encourages you onward to a new way of living life with your little ones. 🙂

slow down mommy

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