“Stand still my happy heart. Stand still.”

Today’s post is something that’s becoming nearer and dearer to me.

The simplicity, basic-ness yet necessity of teaching our children LIFE SKILLS!

I can not began to tell you of the stories I hear continually of *now Moms* who were never taught to run a home, budget money or time management. Yet now as a parent they are struggling to figure this all out.

As homeschoolers we can get so caught up in ACADEMICS, BOOKS, STUDIES ETC…….. that we forget to teach out children to live the *normal* life and what that will look like.

Likewise, I can’t began to tell you how many *smart- highly intellegent in books* type of children I’ve met but don’t have common manners or common house sense.

What’s a allen wrench vs. a flat head screwdriver? Where is the oil in a car vs. where the water tank is?

Common life skills.

Today’s blog encouragement is not to forget to teach common  life-skills

Life in the Real World – Teaching Life Skills to Children

Click the link above

I pray this encourages and enlighten your journey!


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