I have stumbled across a great website with lots of *Messy Monday* ideas.

Messy Monday is designed to help YOU and ME  find creative ways for organization within our home during homeschooling. This can be organization within our children’s school work. Or within our home itself. Or within our hearts, minds and bodies.

Organization covers a lot of areas. 🙂 Let me tell you!

When I read through this blog page it made me all excited to see all the color and organization etc. Which then caused me to realize that *there was a lot of time* put into all of this.

Oh. My.Goodness!

So I want to share this blog website. Hopefully you can peruse through it to find some creative ideas for your family and homeschooling.

However, I think this weeks Messy Monday ideas may help many of us in our planning for next year. Maybe even get a planning group together to brain storm ideas. Or even brain storm ideas for UCHU-STEAM Academy.

At any rate….. here ya go!

Rise and Shine Binder

rise and shine binder



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