I thought that since we are getting close to the day in which Christian families all over the world get together to commemorate Christ’s birth with a meal then WHAT OH WHAT would be a great Messy Monday project for our little ones.


I’m sure everyone will most likely be using butter. Right?

My girls and I for years made our own homemade butter.

Here is a simple and quick way to get your little ones to “help out” in the kitchen.

All they have to do is SHAKE a LITTLE! 🙂

Have them  make butter that will be used for dinner this week. They will be thrilled at their finished product.

Consider adding:

honey to your finished product for honey butter

cinnamon for your own cinnamon butter

The ideas are limitless. 🙂

Click HERE to get the instructions.

milk in the jar for butter      butter


Angela P.

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