Greetings SC Homeschoolers,

For those of you that missed the workshop this past Friday below you’ll find the basic information in major *short form.*

If you attended and you see that I left out any information PLEASE feel free to tag it along. 🙂 Thank you!

A few suggest sites from the host of the workshop are:

This is a SC History webiste with over 42 sites connected to it.

This site is free. No registration required

All you want to know and more about SC can be found on this site.

This is a learning media. You simply make an account so you can mark your favorites. Just get on and play around and learn various things that is offered.

Peg + Cat is a great resource on PSB media that was suggested by the host for Early homeschoolers. It’s a math program resource is the main website that the host of the work shop talked about.

You will need to register in order to utilize this resource. She said that they do not sell, or use your information. Everything has been paid for this resource to be utilized by the state of SC.

Go to “New Users”

Put in your pertinent information



The number you will receive has been assigned to UCHU – United Christian Homeschoolers of the Upstate.

On you can find all your little heart desire to incorporate in your schooling. If you are wanting something specific do an “Advance Search.”

If you have any questions about using please contact:

Debbie C. Jarrett
Education Technology Specialist/Content Coordinator
StreamlineSC (Video on Demand)
ETV and ETV Radio of South Carolina
803-338-7203 (cell)
800-277-3245 (toll free)
803-737-3505 (fax)

 Enjoy these resources!
These sites provide over 100’s of thousands of audio books, technology video, foreign language, plumbing classes, car mechanics classes, cosmetology classes, history, pre-school info, math……every subject for every grade level at your disposal to use as you desire. 🙂
For those who were not in attendance I hate that you missed the workshop. It was a lot of information that I can’t lay out here on the website. But Ms. Jarrett will be happy to help as you need. She  asks that you email her any questions that you may have.
Happy Homeschooling! We have a great resources to now utilize!!
Angela P.

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