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Sweet Puppies ready for their ‘Forever Home.’

We chose this mixed breed of dog because we are farmers and the Anatolian Pyrenees is the best dog you can get for a farm or homestead.

Puppies for Sale

The Anatolian Pyrenees is a designer dog cross between the Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees. 

Anatolian Shepherd:

needs space to run

is known to be a livestock guardian

they are bred to bond with flock animals and with their family with fierce possessiveness

they make their own decisions about who is a friend or foe

they are very agile and reactive

they have a deep impressive bark

we find our dog to be a great guard and alert dog

Great Pyrenees

are gorgeous dogs

laid back and reserved

fearless and loyal to human and animal

he is quiet indoors and content with long daily walks

likes to play in the snow and pull carts

very patient with children and their family

they are livestock guardian

will keep watch over flocks

they need a high fence because they like to roam

they are brilliant/smart

Please contact us if you are interested in visiting them. 86four.814.80five seven

Is this true or false? (picture in the document)

My question is……

Although preschoolers – our little ones may be the description of what the sign says above but at what point are they trained to learn to sit still, be quiet, be patient while others are being home schooled?

I know personally I take the age of 2 yrs. old and 3 yrs. old for good-ole ‘sit-down’ training.

The purpose is to see how long the child can sit still without having to jump all over the place, make all sorts of noises, run around the house being disruptive etc.

Everytime he makes a peep or move a muscle he is redirected to the initial plan of sitting still and quiet.

Our three year old son has been in training for 2-1/2 years. He has learned well the ART of being self-controlled.

I really think society has under-estimated children. He can sit for as long as I need him to sit while I teach others or take care of chores around the house. I’m grateful for his teachable and trainable heart.

My husband and I actually have done that with all eight of our children.

If these cute little precious preschoolers can learn all the songs to the famous movie ‘Frozen’ then they can learn anything that they are faithfully taught. I truly believe we must be faithful to teach them and train them the ART of self control. 🙂


~Angela P.

Just in case you started homeschooling today…….

 In our state homeschooling under Option 3 we have the freedom to choose when. we. start. our. home education. 🙂

The point is that we must ensure that we have a minimum of 180 days completed in school.

Isn’t that lovely?!! 🙂

For example:

*Some homeschooling families start schooling from January to December, 180 days.

*We start on Labor day or the day after until August, 180 days. We school for six weeks then take a week off all the way through until August. Then take a three week break to be prepared to start again in September.

*Some start in August until May, 180 days.

*Numerous homeschoolers go completely through the year reaching beyond 180 days of homeschooling. 

But for those who have started today along with the public schools in our state………..

first day of school

Upstate Homeschooling Clubs, Sports teams and Co-Ops?

Are you or have you been on the search for the various homeschool clubs, sports teams and co-ops serving our homeschooling community in the Upsate?

Then please go no further…..

On our http://www.UCHUpstate.com website you will find listed all the ones that I am aware of to get you connected to.

Go to the tab >>>Upstate Co-op/Clubs

Choose>>>> Upstate Clubs/Sports Teams 


Choose >>>> Co-ops/Academies

There you will find all of our local co-ops/Clubs. If there are any that I don’t have listed please let me know. I’d be more than happy to add them if they are interested in that. 🙂

Hope that Helps!

Angela P.

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