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“Homeschooling and Special Needs” Blog Tour

Here is gathered a great blog tour that you can enjoy for some days regarding the subject of homeschooling and special needs.

The sad reality is that there just aren’t a lot of resources out there on the subject 😦

Please enjoy this ‘blog journey.’ Please post other homeschooling and special needs resources down in the comment section.


~Angela P.

Resources for Homeschooling and Special Needs {Blog Tour} (<<<< just click on the link to the left – the blue lettering<<<)


First Day of Home School ‘Picture’ Ideas :p

Ok…. ok….Ok…Ok………OK!!!!!


Some of you are learning a bit about me and my lack of ‘enjoyment’ for anything craft-y-ness (not sure if that is a word). But that’s me.

However, this year I am trying to make a change and grow beyond my normal lack of ‘enjoyment’ for anything craft-y-ness. :p

Beside creating Busy Bags for 13 children.

Making special gifts for all of my children for their first day of homeschool come September 1, 2014.

Assembling each of their own little supply packages.

I thought it would be great to do …………………..first day of homeschool pictures!!!

Ok…..I know you are thinking, “Angela, really? Pictures? First day of homeschool pictures? What’s the big deal with that?”

Well……..actually DOING IT is the big deal. 

I. Just. Don’t. Normally do it.

But being around and reading about such creative homeschool moms is causing something to AWAKEN – WITHIN me. 🙂

Just follow along with me………

If you too are interested in some first day of homeschooling picture ideas then take a look at these ideas below.

Maybe you can add something to these ideas and make them your own! :p


Angela P.

(Just click on any of the links below)

10-First Day of (home) School Picture Ideas

30+ Free Printables for First (home)School Picture Ideas

(home) School Pictures

Encouragement Time……

The VERY best type of encouragement, I believe, we can receive is from God’s Word – the Holy Bible.

Truth be told this is not the usual first place we go to for encouragement for our worried hearts, concerned minds, frazzled emotions, unknowing understanding, defeated abilities.

However, the older I get the more I realize that there is truly a healing balm to be found by those divine, inspired, life-breathed Words.

They truly do give LIFE to the parts that truly need it.


I pray for whatever situation you find yourself in, or emotional state you are trying to stand strong under or obstacle your are facing or VICTORY you are right now WINNING……………may these following Scriptures encourage your soul. 

As humans, As homeschoolers, As mothers/fathers, As friends, As parents, As………. whatever, receiving the right word at the right time can be life changing.

May these following words of encouragement for your journey bring you enouragement today!


~Angela P.

galatians 6:9

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