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First ‘two-words’ that comes to mind…….

First ‘two-words’ that comes to mind when you read ‘homeschooling?’

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10 Free Learning Websites

Haha!!! :) I like these.

wOrd of the dAy :p

verb \ˌa-kwē-ˈes\

“While I had not desired to eat that delicious-looking, freshly baked velvety chocolate cake that my daughter just pulled out of the oven,  her begging eventually caused me to acquiesce.”

Bless Our Homeschools/Schools Sunday on September 21, 2014…………….

3/4-Great Pyrenees and 1/4-Anatolian Shepherd Mixed puppies for sale!

Puppy Showing THIS Saturday, August 9th.
FROM 11:00 to 4:00 PM

Please email for address at jul.austin@outlook.com. (indicate what homeschool association you are with and email support group you are a member of)

If you are interested in a puppy, you are welcome to come see them at our puppy showing on Saturday. They will be 8 weeks old @ the end of this week, and ready to go to their new homes this Saturday.

Breed: 3/4 Great Pyrenees / 1/4 Anatolian Shepherd Mix
Age: Born June 16th.
Gender: 6 females, 2 males
Females: $125. ea; Males: $100. ea.Puppies are available to start going to their new homes on August 1st. No papers, Father is full Pyrenees. Mother is half Pyrenees and half Anatolian Shepherd. Make great guard dogs for live stock, or family pet. These puppies will get very large! Some have the raccoon eye markings (which fade some as they get older), some are pure white and others a creamy color. All are adorable!

What every child should be given………..

Are you a LONELY homeschooling Momma?

Today, for no apparent reason, a strong sense of loneliness came over me.

Where in the world did that come from?

Which was weird because today our UCHU group had a tour of Chick Fil A for our littles. So I was out and about conversing with other Mommas.

Afterwards, I stopped by my girl Shannon’s house and chatted with her for about an hour. Laughed and encouraged each other in the Lord.

Then I met up with my hubby at his coffee shop where he works and hung out with him along with my littles and enjoyed a delicious cup of java.

Ended my ‘outing’ day with hitting our local thrift store to just look around and see what I could see. I don’t like shopping at all, so this was a stretch for me. But I did it!

I quickly got my littles all snug in their beds for their afternoon naps once we arrived home

…………Then it was quiet. And lonely.

It was something I couldn’t shake expect for praying! Just a sense of being alone. Not having a friend in the world. 😦

At any rate, I wondered how many homeschooling moms enter into loneliness……BUT STAY THERE!!! For months, years…… for a long time.

I found this article which I hope will encourage many ladies to get out and CONNECT!!

God created women as those that thrive on being with others.

We are not good to be alone.

We need each other.



I hope this article encourages you to stop being robbed of what is freely yours……and mines. 🙂

~Angela P.



Carlie provides a great blog post regarding ‘The Lonely Homeschooling Mama.’ Go to her site and check it out. I think you will find it very encouraging!! 🙂

~Angela P.

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