Ideas for High School Electives

Homeschool students who are planning to attend college should plan to finish up their schooling with 24 credits. Of those 24 credits, for those students college bound, they should have at least  SEVEN units of electives.

Electives are pretty easy to earn or create BUT just in case you’d like some suggestions or ideas here’s a list down below.

You can also find this list located under the “Homeschool Resources” tab.


Family Living


Music: Applied Music (violin, cello, piano, etc.); Band/Orchestra; Music History; Voice; Music Theory






Drafting & Design

Business English

Air Conditioning


Home Economics

Art: Applied History; Graphic Art and Design; Applied Art (drawing, painting, etc.)


Home Economics

Business Management

Welding & Metalworking

Work Experience


Office Account

Auto Mechanics & Repair

Driver’s Education (1/2 credit)

What others can you name?

Please add them to the comment section. 🙂

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