How long have UCHU-AA been around?

2014-2015 home school year was the first year providing services for the homeschool community at such affordable pricing! I see my services to the homeschool community as a ‘labor of love’ and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family along your homeschooling journey under Option 3- Section 59.65.47.

When will my membership cards be mailed out to me?

Membership cards along with your UCHU-AA acceptance letter will be mailed out on the 1st or 15 of the month AFTER application acceptance, membership fees AND TRANSCRIPT FROM HIGH SCHOOLERS have been received and processed. So if you become a member of UCHU-AA on the 20th of the month, you can expect your membership cards and membership letter to be mailed out on the 1st of the following month.

What is the registration period to become a member of UCHU-AA?

UCHU-AA’s registration will be open from July 1 until the last day of August 31 each homeschooling year. Exceptions to this will be considered on a case by case basis.

Why does UCHU-AA have a registration period?

The purpose of registration period or having a small window of time for registration is to attempt to guard against the association growing larger than desired. It is my desire to keep an intimate and personable association with the families in which I serve. Often times in a large association those precious element, intimacy and the ability to remain personal with members are lost. Prayerfully a small registration period will afford this goal being met and maintained.

Why must my high school student submit a transcript to UCHU-AA?

UCHU-AA  provides high school ranking for all of it’s high school students. The purpose of this is so any students interested in applying for state or college scholarships will have the ranking in place to accompany any required SAT/ACT scores.

With that said, before a family with a high school student can be accept a transcript with numerical grades, courses and attendance *MUST* accompany the high school student that is in grade 9 to 12th.

I will work to tally up the students Grade Point Average (GPA) based on the numerical grades the parent provides.

If a parent does not have a transcript for their student I will be happy to put one together at the regular $10 transcript fee BUT the parents must still provide numerical grades, courses and attendance record for the student.


Is UCHU-AA working with the Commissioner of Higher Education as it relates to ranking or scholarship approval?

UCHU-AA has worked with Commissioner of Higher Education to ensure that policies are in place that they feel will allow members of my association to be in good standing to be approved for state scholarship. Please see the parent handbook to learn more of what was outlined and deemed acceptable by the Commissioner of Higher Education. Click HERE.

Are report cards required for elementary students before acceptance into UCHU-AA is granted?

No. Report cards are not required for elementary students before acceptance into UCHU-AA is granted. Only transcripts for high school students grades 9th-12th is required.

Must the transcript for my 9th-12th grade student come from my previous accountability association or former public school?

No, the transcript can be generated by the parent/educator as this is their job to maintain. However, the transcript should not display a *letter grade* but it must display the actual numerical grade the student gained for each semester.

Does UCHU-AA have a handbook for interested parents?

Yes. UCHU-AA has a handbook which is provided to all families upon membership with UCHU-AA. Pertinent information is provided for those interested families on the website and FAQ’s to help them make an informed decision. Detailed information is spelled out within the handbook. If you should have specific questions that aren’t presented here on the FAQ’s please contact Angela Perry at Director@UCHUnlimited.com

How many membership cards will I receive?

Each UCHU-AA member will receive two membership cards. Normally one for each parent. If there is only one parent then only ONE card will be sent.

Must I live in the Upstate to be eligible for membership with UCHU-AA?

You do NOT have to be a resident of the Upstate area to be eligible for membership with UCHU-AA.

I am excited and I  want to homeschool my children, what must I do to get the ball rolling towards homeschooling?

First know the expectations that are set for a ‘desiring’ home educator.

1. Choose under which homeschooing option from the state that you would like to home school under. Start by reading this link.

2. If you choose to homeschool under Option three of Homeschooling Law 59-65-47 (which most homeschoolers choose), then ensure that the parent-educator  at least holds a high school diploma, GED per the above law Section 59-65-47.

3. Join an association like UCHU-AA. :)

4. If your child(ren) is in public school submit withdrawal paperwork along with your association membership letter.

5. Then commit to abiding by the laws laid out in Third Option Homeschool Law 59-5-47.

Why is the cost so low?

In comparison to other associations the $10 membership fee for a family with UCHU-AA  is pretty low in cost. It is the desire of UCHU-AA to provide a very affordable service that is required under third-option homeschooling.  Additionally, my husband is the main bread winner of our family so it is not necessary to have higher cost to add to our income. Just enough of a fee to cover basics for the operation of the association.

Lastly, I truly see UCHU-AA as a ‘labor of love’, more so as a ministry unto the Lord and to the homeschooling community. And for that it doesn’t cost a lot to do. :) Making it affordable yet comparable to what you could and can receive with my sister accountability associations.

What month must UCHU-AA membership be renewed?

Current members of UCHU-AA will have open enrollment beginning June 1 of each year.  New families can began their enrollment July 1 of the current homeschooling year.

Why are UCHU-AA only having membership enrollment during the months of June – the end of October each homeschooling year?

In efforts to keep the number of UCHU-AA members at a controlled number, I believe it is best to have open enrollment with in a short window of time within the year.

With membership fees as low as they are does UCHU-AA plan to be around for a while?

My husband and I have been homeschooling for 14 years now with 14 more years to go. :) We have ages from 19 to 4 in the home. We have graduated our first child this past school year with seven more to follow. So UCHU-AA will be around for a while Lord willing!

Why is there a $1.00 Paypal transaction fee?

For every transaction that is conducted through UCHU-AA using paypal, UCHU-AA incurs a charge. The small requested $1.00 fee is to cover that small expense.

Why can’t I just mail in a check?

For the purpose of keeping the administration of UCHU-AA simple and to be paperless as possible in areas in which I can, I have decided to handle all payments through Paypal.

The great thing is that opening up a Paypal account is Free, Quick and Simple. :)

What services will you provide other than third option accountability?

*Membership cards (2) providing proof of your homeschooling status

* An acceptance letter

* Up-to-date information regarding the laws of home educating in our state as we receive those updates and are aware of them

* High School transcripts that are in line with the Commission of Higher Education  (parents must submit students numerical grades for students each high school year on January 15 and May 15) (at a fee)

* An UCHU-AA issued high School Diploma (at a fee)

* Report cards for each child (parents must send in grades at the end of the year) (at a fee)

*DMV letter (no extra fee)

* Counseling and encouragement as needed along your home educating journey

* Membership into UCHU-Email Support Group (unless you are already a member)

What is third option accountability?

In our state homeschoolers are required to fall under ONE of the THREE spheres of homeschooling to be considered compliant with the state Law. Third option homeschooling Section 59-65-47 is the most least evasive and many homeschoolers prefer this options.

I’ve heard the terminology of  “homeschooling umbrella.” Is this the same as ‘accountability association?’

Normally when homeschoolers are talking about accountability association you will hear terminology such as ‘umbrella’, ‘homeschooling covering’, ‘homeschool association’ to all be making reference of  ‘homeschooling accountability association” which is required for third options homeschooling families to be members of.

To join UCHU-AA do I have to cancel my  membership at the other  association I am apart of?

Each homeschooling family should be members under ONE association. Each association by Third option homeschooling law is required to report the number and grade level of children home schooled through the association to the children’s respective school districts  by January 30 of the current school year. If you were to be members of more than one association then the reported numbers would be doubled.

If you are currently a member of another association yet desire to have UCHU-AA become your accountability association, simply submit your application and fees to UCHU-AA.

Although it’s not necessary it certainly would be a kind gesture to inform your current association that you will be moving your choice of third-option accountability membership to another.

At what  point am I considered a member of UCHU-AA?

Once your application and fees are received and accepted your membership is immediate at that point.

How do I withdraw my student from public schooling to now being home educated under third option with UCHU-AA as my accountability association?

You will want to submit your application and membership fees to UCHU-AA to  become a member. After which ask your school for paper work for withdrawing your student. You will have a copy of your acceptance letter to provide along with the withdrawal paperwork. Usually the withdrawal process is simple and easy.

Will you offer graduations for students of UCHU-AA?

It is my desire to offer a mixed graduation ceremony for kindergarden and high school. Kindergartners would have their ceremony first and then on the same evening high school seniors would have their graduation.

At the graduation ceremony there would be an acknowledgement of fifth graders moving on to sixth grade and an acknowledgement of eighth graders moving on to ninth grade.

I am hopeful to be able to provide this commencement service for the 2014-2015 year and then the subsequent years. More details will be forth coming if this can in fact occur our first year as an association.

Why are you not accepting rising Seniors for the 2014-2015 school year?

Because it is the first year of UCHU-AA I don’t expect to have many Seniors. I would prefer to have Seniors that have ‘grown’ with UCHU-AA instead of a student that will have only been with UCHU-AA for one year – their Senior year.

Administratively, it is ideal not to have Seniors my first year as an association.

UCHU-AA looks forward to all of the rising Seniors that will be graduating with services from UCHU-AA starting school year 2015-2016 and onward.

Do you provide student IDs?

I do hope to provide this service in the near future. Stay tuned to the website for updates when this does occur.

Will you provide class ranking for my high school student?

As of now, Yes! My hope is to be able to ensure this is a fair process of ranking. However, for our first year as an association we will only be providing class ranking for those students 9th – 11th grades.

I will need to receive numerical grades from each subject of study from the student’s high school years on January 15 and May of each high school year to properly be able to provide high school ranking.

Proper high school ranking normally starts the 9th grade of high school. If students have taken high school courses or required high school courses that are college preparatory during the 7th or 8th grades years those numerical grades also will count towards high school ranking for the 9th grade year.

Parents will need to provide the 7th or 8th grade numerical grades to me along with high school grades by January 15 and May 15 each high school year also.

Must my children  undergo any state or nation wide testings in order for our family to be members with UCHU-AA?

NO! No, testing is required by UCHU-AA. Additionally, testing is not required under third option homeschooling state law. I feel that this is up to the parent-teacher if they desire to test their children or not.

Are there any other methods of payments UCHU-AA will accept for membership?

UCHU-AA is only accepting Paypal payments at this time. Using Paypal payments for services under UCHU-AA does incur a small $1.00 fee. However, we are doing our part to be paperless as possible.

Must I sign or commit to a statement of faith in order to be members of UCHU-AA?

There is not a statement of faith required to become members with UCHU-AA.

What is the purpose of a DMV letter which is something that is provided with membership to UCHU-AA?

In order for students to receive their driver’s permit, DMV requires a letter or contract from the homeschooling students association.

Usually UCHU-AA’s membership acceptance letter that you will receive as a member does suffice for what DMV is requiring. If not, just submit a request form indicating your need for a DMV letter.  We will be happy to get it to you in the mail or fax it out to you right away. **See “Forms Request” page

I live in NC, am I required to join an association?

NO! Although UCHU-AA is so close to the NC border, NC homeschoolers have differing standards and laws that govern their home education.

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  1. Hi, I live in Columbus, NC and would love to join UCHU for fellowship, homeschool encouragement and some local activities. I understand that I will not need to join an association since I am in a different state, but would love to connect with local homeschooling families that are in the body of Christ. Thank you!


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