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UCHU – Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

UCHU Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

Celebrate YOU!!!!

Homeschool Mother…….

Homeschool teacher……

You. Are. Amazing!

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Funny Friday: What are your *glamorous* plans for Saturday night?


Happy Friday and Blessed weekend!

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Thought Provoking Thursday: Is Less More?

Complete the math curriculum.

Start educating at age four.

Skip grade levels.

Dual enroll and take AP classes.

Learn all the states, capitals, countries, topography of the entire world in this ONE homeschooling year.

Participate in three different sports and extra curricular activities.

Our list of accomplishments and expectations grows and grows like a looming monster with each child.

More to do. More to accomplish. More. More. More.

But at what point is more…..too much!

Many countries of the world educate differently. Finland at the top of the list for having different educational thoughts.

If the truth be said as American’s we whole-heartedly believe that we must DO – MUCH to be successful.

Today’s blog post will challenge your thoughts.

It will challenge your worldview.

May even cause us to rethink that which drives us in our homeschooling.

11 Ways Finland’s Education Shows Us that Less is More

less is more

So homeschooling friend, what did this post speak to you?

Thanks for sharing.


Wednesday’s Words of Encouragement: Silence the Voices of the Educational Gurus

Homeschooling is DEFINITELY one of those things that home educators constantly find themselves second guessing at.

The reasons for this is NUMEROUS.

1. So and so uses this method for schooling?

2. This books says not to do this?

3. This method sounds great maybe I should be doing that?

4. I don’t know what I’m doing so maybe I should be doing something other than what I’m doing in our schooling?

But alas…………….

Today’s blog post topic will encourage you on this Wednesday’s Words of Encouragement.

Adore. Adore. Adore it!!

If you have been homeschooling for a period of time or if you’ve NOT been homeschooling long at all please do yourself a favor and read completely today’s blog post:

This post will help you to Silence the Voices of the Educational Gurus!!

sticking fingers in ears

My Biggest Homeschooling Mistake: Overthinking Methods and Philosophies.

Click on the above link

What are something that you find yourself overthinking in your homeschooling?

I pray you receive some great insights today.


Tuesday’s Teach Them This: Imagination vs. Knowledge

Einstein stated the following:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”


*To what level do you allow your children to permit their imagination to flourish in their daily homeschooling?

*What do you think allowing your children *to flourish in imagination*  looks like within a homeschooling setting?

*Is imagination of more importance than knowledge? Really?
*Does knowledge with no imagination breed stagnation?

*How much imagination *time* should be allowed from day to day in the schooling our our students?

*What does this look like within the studies of our older children?

Great ides: Is imagination more important than knowledge?

click on the link above

imagination is more important thank knowledge

I would like to hear your thoughts and even some answers to those questions that I posed? Let’s talk?


Messy Monday: Setting Boundaries with our Children ………Cleaning up some *stinkin thinkin*

Today’s post is definitely for this Messy Monday.

Cleaning Up some ‘stinkin thinkin.’

I personally have never discussed or shared with other mothers this area of liberation that I experienced in my life as it relates to today’s posts that is so poignantly shared.

I guess, I never did so because in the back of my mind the idea of *setting boundaries* in the life of my children (particularly the ones I had set)  might be looked at as if I was less than what a *Mother should* be or do.
(Not that I care what other Moms may think of me. :) Because I really don’t.)
Or maybe I never shared or had conversations with Moms regarding boundaries I set with my children or boundaries they may consider setting with their children because, simply, they may not be ready for those types of boundary setting yet.
In addition to the levels of freedom I felt within myself by setting boundaries or changing up the things that I had always done with my older children vs. my younger children was *at times* unsettling to me yet I knew that they were okay.
Change was okay, right?
No one would feel *left out or short changed, right?*
Yet, if they did then would this be the end of the world for them?
Would it scar them?
I pray that today’s blog post from Chrystal Hurst will encourage your heart, clean up some *Messy* thinking and bring some liberation and freedom to you.
I’d like to hear what you think about today’s post. Take a few moments after reading to share your thoughts. Thanks in advance. :)
by Chrystal Hurst
setting boundaries
Be encouraged!
What boundaries do you feel you need to implement with your children?

Funny Friday: Motivational Speaking

motivational speaking

Motivation Speaking…..



Thought Provoking Thursday: Are you Preparing Your 5 year old for the Workforce?

If the title of this week’s “Thought Provoking Thursday” blog *seem* a little weird THEN …………


As not to spoil this week’s featured article, please think on the implications of *preparing your 5 year old for the workforce” really means.

After all, our little ones need to began learning what the *real world* is all about. ………..

Or do they?

This week’s article provides some thought provoking elements to it.

I know I had to *think and ponder* it.

I hope you think on it and as you do………..

I appreciate your comments.

Share what spoke to you and if you agree or disagree with this article.

Are there other possible alternatives?

How do you keep the preparation in balance?

Preparing My 5 Year Old for the Workforce

Click on the above link

children and workforce

Think on it!


Wednesdays Words of Encouragement: Don’t forget to CELEBRATE with your child!

Don’t forget that the small things in our eyes are often the BIG things in their eyes.

Celebrate it with them.

With the same enthusiasm in which they share it.

That’s Encouragement!

Celebrate with your child


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