Wednesday’s Words of Encouragement: Gratitude

expression of thansgiving


Serving You and Yours,

Angela Perry, UCHU Director

Tuesdays Teach Them This: Metric System in SONG

This weeks “Tuesday’s Teach Them This” post was a great find for me. Especially since my fifth grade daughter and I are working on the metric system. Sadly, I am having to learn it again with her.

Not only that………my 10th and 11th grade students just had a quiz in Chemistry last week on the Metric system which I had to help them study for. Again….I was also a humble student having to remember this system.

meter ends  here

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Monday’s Message: Homeschooling and Time Management.

How I have missed our Monday’s Messages together. Two weeks have gone by so quickly!!!

I’d like to share with you some thoughts along the subject of *Homeschooling and Time Management.*


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Wednesday’s Words of Encouragement: Greatness Comes after the Start

you don't have to start to be great but you have to start to be great

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Perry, UCHU Director

Teach Them This Tuesday: Pinch and Flip (video)

As many of you know I am the founder and director of a homeschool academy in our homeschooling community.

We have 25 wonderful families that meet twice a week to provide community and a variety of classes for our eager learning students with a STEAM focus (Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics).

One of the classes that I have the privilege of being a Classroom Guide (we don’t call our parent’s teachers at our academy) for are the 3 year old and 4 year old students.


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Monday’s Message: Beautiful In Its Own Time (video)

Ecclesiastes 3:11, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

Depending on which side of the luscious, beautiful green grass you stand will bend your view point one way or another.

For the homeschooling family that is knee deep in lovely vibrant green grass that is swaying in the wind it may cause the inability to see your feet that is planted on the ground within something beautiful.


beautiful in his own time

Just imagine if you will that as you know your feet are planted firmly on the supporting, securing ground and you are donning the most beautiful and expensive pair of shoes that your mind can imagine you just can’t see them simply because of …………the *grass.*

The *grass* of:

*I don’t want to do homeschool today

*students dreaming throughout the day and NOT getting work done

*spending three hours on one page of math

*the house is a mess and you are in the middle of it trying to homeschool

*having explained something ten times and still the student isn’t getting it

*homeschooling ten children who each are different educational grade levels

*learning challenges that just is making the schooling process easy

*constantly wondering if you are doing enough, doing it well, doing it better than someone else, doing it satisfactorily

*…… fill in the blank.

Having homeschooled for 15 years and even considering stopping along the way it has indeed been difficult to see the *beautiful shoes* of homeschooling because of all the……. the *grass.*

But guess what…..?

As time goes on, days of homeschooling is completed, tests are corrected, subject after subject is mastered, maturing students blossom forth…….

There eventually you may get a glimpse of these *beautiful and pricey shoes that you are wearing.*

It is as though those unique little hidden feet coverings were there all along being enjoyed by you but you just couldn’t see them because things were in the way. “The grass” of homeschooling.

Over my homeschooling career I have found this to be true.

You just don’t or can’t see the beauty until ……………..

The master piece of homeschooling is just about done or complete.

It’s those moments that you see the beauty of homeschooling and you realize why you decided to go down the homeschooling journey.

It’s that beauty that appears in it’s own time that causes you to continue to press on down the *grassy laden* path of home educating.

You see, the video below spoke to me on so many levels regarding my unknowing and unassuming path of homeschooling that I thought I’d share the video.

When you are dead…smack dab in the middle of instructing your children all the day long you can’t see the *beauty*………… the *beautiful shoes.*

Mainly because you are so busy getting it done.

But all of a sudden…………..wouldn’t you know it Beauty appears. In all it’s splendor and brilliance. :)

As I was entertained by the gentleman of this video initially it looked just like nothing special was happening. But then once he consistently and persistently kept working on his master piece…………..then beauty came.

What happens is that after you have *completed your work at hand* you sit back and inspect everything, you are then BLOWN AWAY.

Blown away at what came out of your uncertain efforts.

*students who finally *get it*

*students who go on to have a character that is noteworthy of Christ

*students who go on to be a vital part of our community and society

*students who go on to college and continue their studies

*students who return and call you blessed for investing in the beauty that came from your efforts

*students who they themselves decide to perpetuate the life of *living in knee deep grass.*

For me the Scripture came to mind from Ecclesiastes 3:11.

When we least expect it……there it is. Beauty. Breath taking beauty!

However, sooner than we will imagine we will be able to see the beauty beyond the grass.

We will sit back in aw, contemplate and reminiscence on how things were once but how things are now.

We will enjoy the beauty that God allowed to spring forth and encourage our hearts onwards to the task at hand.

If you can’t *see* the beautiful shoes you are wearing then *imagine* them. Because soon your *faith* will be made *sight.*

Beauty will spring forth in it’s own time.

Angela Perry, UCHU Director

Funny Fridays: Buddy System (socks)

If only……

socks buddy system

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Perry, UCHU Director

Thought Provoking Thursday: Overtaken by Temporary Defeat


I really think some of us need to keep this in mind. :)

It’s only TEMPORARY defeat. Not permanent. So don’t be fooled by it.

Wednesdays Words of Encouragement: What did you plant today?


Serving You and Yours,

Angela Perry, UCHU Director

Tuesday’s Teach Them This: Time Management

I believe one of the BIGGEST struggles that parents deal with regarding their student completing their work or the task at hand is TIME MANAGEMENT!

A homeschooling student that last TIME MANAGEMENT can pretty much drive a parent cRaZy!!!

crazy looking llama

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