Monday’s Message: Why Put Your Children in Public School?

“Why Put Your Children in Public School?” is the question on the table for Monday’s Message.

As I share in this week’s video it is something that I’ve been pondering for about a month. I’ve not settled on a sure answer yet. Haha!

I’m even considering visiting our local schools to see what I think. (Yes, I really did say it. Lol.)

Viewing my video you will be able to see my thought process and the concerns that I am dealing with. Which are real, real, real!


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Funny Fridays: Algebra 1

I betcha more than more child has said this………..

still waiting to use Algebra

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Perry

Thought Provoking Thursday: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Homeschool Families

Today for Thought Provoking Thursday………… do read this article and put it to thought.

I agree that these points are excellent points to think on.

Where are you within the list?

Do you do these things?

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Wednesdays Words of Encouragement:

homeschooling is not public school

Amen! Don’t forget it.

Serving Your And Yours,

Angela Perry

Tuesdays Teach Them This: Parts of Speech

How many of you think this will come in handy if you Teach Them This information?

Parts of speech

Serving You and Yours,

Angela Perry

Monday’s Message: Being Option 3 compliant (video)

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

I’m taking a few minutes while at my daughter’s orchestra practice to record Monday’s Message!!!

I’m sure you will hear the music in the background. I ADORE orchestra music!!! She’s making *my* dream come true of being able to live surrounded by this genre of music. :)

In South Carolina there are THREE options in which to homeschool. In this Monday’s Message I will be sharing and bringing our attention to Option 3 homeschooling. After all, as I am the director of an Accountability Association sharing this information is what I do. ((smile))

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Thought Provoking Thursday: Never Help A Child

never help a child with a task in which he feels he feels he can succeed

Serving You and Yours,


Wednesdays Words of Encouragement: Expectations


Homeschool in your way.

Glean from others.

Set your own trail blaze.

Just Do it!

Create Your Own Expectations!

Serving Your and Yours,


Tuesday Teach Them This: Double Doodle (Fun Activity)

Double Doodle……..

Who knew?

I never heard of it before but it sure does look interesting enough to try and teach my children to do this.

When I was young my Dad was *unique* (that’s a good word to use for it.) 

But he would make me do *unique* things like………

Say my alphabets backwards

Count change back correctly and

Write with both hands…………

at FIVE and SIX years old.

And if I didn’t do any of those correctly…….I’d be in big trouble.

Well needless to say I became ambidextrous. Having the ability to write with both hands…..well……………….

Today while teaching my 4 year old how to write (he is a true left handy) I found that my skills were much needed. I could actually understand from his perspective as I had to write with my left hand today to teach him the proper way to hold his pencil and slant his paper.

At any rate………..

Double Doodle is something like that. Drawing with both hands at the same time – symmetrically!

I think it will be a great challenge to teach your children to do this. It actually will be strongly working both sides of their brains. Give it a try.

Click on the below link >>>>>>>>  Double Doodle

by Jean Van’t-Hul

Serving you and yours,

Angela Perry

Monday’s Message: Message of Prayer for UCHU (video)

One of the greatest things we can do as a community is to stand in PRAYER with each other and for each other.

I don’t think we do it enough. 

I understand that with the busyness of life our list of *to do’s* is so long.

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